Cyclo Therapeutics, Inc. (previously CTD Holdings, Inc.) was organized as a Florida corporation on August 9, 1990, with operations beginning in July 1992. In conjunction with a restructuring in 2000, we changed our name from Cyclodextrin Technologies Development, Inc., or CTDI, to CTD Holdings, Inc.; CTDI was then incorporated as a Florida corporation and became a wholly owned subsidiary of CTD Holdings, Inc.  We are a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the use of cyclodextrins in drug development.

The Company has launched clinical trial programs, initially in Europe and the US, for its Trappsol® Cyclo™ as treatment for Neiman-Pick Type C disease (NPC). We also sell cyclodextrins and related products to the pharmaceutical, nutritional, and other industries, primarily for use in diagnostics and specialty drugs with continuing growth in research and new product development

If you have any questions about cyclodextrins or our company, feel free to email us at info@cyclodex.com, or contact Dr. Jeffrey L. Tate, COO at 386-418-8060.