One of the premises that CTD based its future success on was the endless (literally) applications available to Cyclodextrin's. Wherever water and water insoluble or immiscible materials need to be brought together, one of the Cyclodextrin's is likely to make it possible and/or more efficiently accomplished.

The following table will give you an idea of the variety of the applications possible.

TABLE 4: Approved & Marketed Drugs Formulated with Cyclodextrins

PGE-1/alpha Cyclodextrin Prostandin Intra-arterial infusion Chronic arterial occlusive disease, etc. Ono/Japan
PGE-1/alpha Cyclodextrin Prostandin 500 Intra-arterial infusion Controls hypotension during surgery Ono/Japan
PGE-2/beta Cyclodextrin Prostarmon E Sublingual tablet Induction of labor Ono/Japan
OP-1206/alpha Cyclodextrin Opalmon Tablet Buerger's disease Ono/Japan
Benexate/beta Cyclodextrin Ulgut Capsules Antiulcerant Teikoku/Japan
Benexate/beta Cyclodextrin Lonmiel Capsules Antiulcerant Shionogi/Japan
Iodine/beta Cyclodextrin Mena-Gargle Gargling Throat disinfectant Kyushin/Japan
Dexamethasone Glyteer/beta Cyclodextrin Glymesason ointment Ointment Analgesic, anti-inflammatory Fujinaga/Japan
Nitroglycerin/beta Cyclodextrin Nitropen Sublingual tablet Coronary dilator Nippon Kayaku/Japan
Cefotiam hexatil hydrochloride/alpha Cyclodextrin Pansporin T Tablet Antibiotic Takeda/Japan
Oral Cephalosporin/beta Cyclodextrin Meiact Tablet Antibiotic Meiji Seika/Japan
PGE-1/alpha Cyclodextrin Prostavasin Intra-arterial Vasodilator Schwarz/Germany
Piroxicam/beta Cyclodextrin Brexin Tablet Analgesic & antiphlogistic Chiesi/Italy
Itraconazole/hyroxypropyl beta Cyclodextrin Sporanox Liquid Oral liquid Antifungal Janssen/Belgium