CTD offers a line of chemicals already complexed with Trappsol® cyclodextrins. They are categorized as Drugs, Flavors, and Miscellaneous chemicals. Their catalog numbers begin with AP to designate that they are Aquaplex® complexes. The AP is followed by a four or five letter abbreviation of the active ingredient, ending with a number designating the type of Trappsol® cyclodextrin used in their manufacture as listed below.

1 THPB     Trappsol® Hydroxypropyl Beta
2 TRMB     Trappsol® (Randomly) Methyl Beta
3 TBCD     Trappsol® Beta
4 TDMB     Trappsol® (2,6-di-O) Methyl Beta
5 TACD     Trappsol® Alpha
6 TGCD     Trappsol® Gamma
7 TG2BM     Trappsol® Maltosyl Mixture


Note: The reported incorporation rates are approximate and may vary between batches.

The Trappsol® and Aquaplex® products described on this site are intended for research and investigational uses only. They are not for human, veterinary or household use. (Since the pharmacological properties of the compounds described in this brochure are incompletely characterized, due care should be exercised in their use.) Material Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis are available upon request.