CTD, Inc.

Cyclodextrin Technologies Development, Inc. (CTD) was organized as a Florida corporation on August 9, 1990 with operations beginning July, 1992. In May of 1994 the Company became a fully reporting public company listed on the OTC BB under the symbol CTDI.

In 2000, the Company altered its corporate structure to a holding company with subsidiary companies. The OTC BB symbol was changed to CTDH.

CTD Holdings, Inc. (the "Company") was originally formed to market and sell Cyclodextrins and related products to the food, pharmaceutical, and other industries; it also provided consulting services related to Cyclodextrin Technology. The products can be purchased at www.cyclodex.com

In September 2019 the company changed its name to Cyclo Therapeutics, Inc. to better reflect the company’s business as a biotechnology company that develops cyclodextrin-based products for the treatment of disease with unmet medical need, most notably Trappsol® Cyclo™, its proprietary hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin drug, for the treatment of Niemann-Pick Disease Type C and Alzheimer’s Disease. The company continues to trade on the OTCQB Exchange under the symbol CTDH. The new name was overwhelmingly approved by shareholders at their meeting on August 27th. The CTD, Inc. division continues to provide cyclodextrin specialty fine chemicals to its customers worldwide.